Refurbishment Options

We offer 5 different refurbishment options to restore your Mephisto footwear.

Comprehensive ($155)

Mephisto Comprehensive Refurbishment

Basic ($120)

Mephisto Basic Refurbishment

Tune-Up ($65)

Mephisto Tune-Up Refurbishment

Men’s Sandal ($105)

Mephisto Men's Sandal Refurbishment

Ladies Sandal ($95)

Mephisto Ladies Sandal Refurbishment

Mephisto Shoe Care Accessories

Shoe creams, water & stain protectors, cedar shoe trees, and more!

Mephisto Shoe Care Accessories

Find the nearest retailer or shop online at the official Mephisto website:

For questions about refurbishing your Mephistos, email us:

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